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свои планки ставим выше, думаем, любим и дышим.
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I can not sleep,

thought only of you.

Miss, I want to gently kiss and fall asleep in your arms.

Wake up with you and long lie touching and looking at each other

and finally tell you how much I love you!

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I saw that sleep!

It's don't give me to calm down!

It was like in my old dreams,

It woke in me new feelings and I came back to the past!

It's realy worried me, but I can't do something whith it!

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You want something more,

But I'm not redy......

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To be free!

It's perfect!

undefined — Alyosha — To Be Free.mp3

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y cada día un instante volver a pensar en ti. 
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You know, I am happy.

I have wonderful friends, a caring guy and loving parents,

And I don't care what you think about me,

Because I don't think about you!

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Everything what I want, it's to be perfect for you, not for some one else, just for you!

I don't need everything luxurious, expensive things and other futilities!

I want to be only wnith you.....only to be happy...

And you do that everytime....


Whith Love...

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You're right! It's good advice!!!
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To be with you is easy!

It's wonderful to be with you!

And every minute without you as eternity!

Same with you like a spark flies!

I like everything in you!

I like it,

When you broil me something!

Because I know that you cares of me!

It's make me happy!

Whith love......

It's make me happy!

With love......

It's make me happy!

Whith love......

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