I don't want to be free.

I want to be in your arms forever!

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Every your smile!

Every your view!

Make me smile!

Makes me shine for you!

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everything i want, it's to be okey!
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I will always remember that night,
everything what you told me about,
I can't stop thinking about it,
and your sweet lips, your beautiful smile.
I love your voice, your eyes — they are so deep.
I want to believe in that what is,
because it is like in my dreams.
I like to be side by side with you.

Hope, that it is not only my dreams but yours too.


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I want to be in every yor moment!

I want to be only your girl!

And I know that you will not leave me!

Because I'm your beloved..

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моя проблема в том, что я придумываю всякий невозможный бред и сама же в него верю...

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человек должен быть счастливым. быть, а не казаться.
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Без заголовка

Нет недостижимых целей, есть высокий коэффициент лени, недостаток смекалки и запас отговорок.
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